Does Trump accept defeat in the elections?

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President Trump and his supporters are increasingly convinced of an exciting two-fold formula: if he wins, it will be the embodiment of the will of the electorate. But if his opponent, Biden, wins, it will involve electoral fraud. Most Americans fear that Trump, if defeated on Election Day, will not accept the transfer of presidential powers to Biden.
This will lead to an unprecedented constitutional crisis in the rotation of power in the White House, which will prompt legal arguments in the Supreme Court.
"President Trump will qualify for a third term because of the illegal attempts by Comey (the former FBI director), Democrats, the media, and others who sought to remove him from his position as President of the United States," says a supporter of Trump and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. I was appointed as campaign manager for his re-election in 2024. "
It is not surprising that the thinking of Trumpians reached the point of the absurd, in contradiction to the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution in 1951 to block the way for then-President Roosevelt, who remained in office for two terms in light of the repercussions of World War II.
It is certain that the fourth of next month will be the first chapter in a fierce battle across the judiciary and the media over the election results, which will provoke a strong reaction from the traditional Democrats and Republicans, a number of whom have expressed their opposition to Trump and decided to vote for Biden, which makes me call them "Biden Republicans" like B. " Reagan Democrats "in 1980.