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Its been almost a months now since we last spoke. Despite my phone’s gigantic screen, I can’t see your name and picture in my recent chats anymore. The thought of you dances in the back of my head during the day and brings me to my knees at night. Despite my laughs, I am still hurting. And in spite of my pain, I am still hoping. I keep wondering whether I will ever see the moon again, I keep thinking if I will ever enjoy sunshine once more. The sheer possibility of you coming back one day drives me crazy, leaving me holding on to the imaginary scenarios I have created in my head with you and I together, forever. Maybe I am feeding myself with too much false hope, but would being let down by my own expectations be any worse than the agonizing thought of not being with you again? #anaheimcalifornia #sandiego #padresstadium #pinetrees #travel #photography #sky #memories


But honestly, i regret that i meet you. I wish i never had. Your the biggest misstakes that Ive ever done. And wish i will never gonna see you again..

Im already happy now and hope you too.. and you never hurt me anymore. Thank you!



Lol this post turned from :'( to >:( real quick. XD
I'm glad you're not with him anymore. He's a toxic guy. I didn't like the way he controls how you dress, act, accuses you of looking at another guy, etc. It's just how an insecure guy acts, me not approves >:(

Yeah i guess i was lucky enough, His quite toxic. Lol. Im Not bitter tho. Im just happy and reflecting that im quite stupid before lol.


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100 SAND upvoted! and i resteemed! i am so glad to see REAL locals posting instead of all the non locals abusing the hashtag, but YOURE using it RIGHT! I hate being a control freak telling people not to use hashtags, but when i see PROPER usage like you have here, it makes me realize i must PROTECC your good content on the front end so its clean enuf and PURE enuf for more mainstream audience like.... san diego union tribune... it could be a nice local journalism hub

i wanna get scatter on Union tribune and the San Diego READER the free magazine with lots of cannabis ads. I feel like I could get the reader to post on Sand and simply give them a hashtag, and connect them with keychain steemconnect etc, for the news paper website. Id love to gets teem on scatter, scatter on newspaper websites, and have a steem disqus style system to allow censorship resistant comments on all news papers across the country, which could be still santized for advertisers but all comments would remain up, some may be blackked out for NSFW or NSFA Not Safe For Advertisers ... but we could still leave everything up.

Im thinking of the @newsdac front end as a new crypto and general news site but lets get real, steemit isnt for all news its for crypto news so i wanna have a coin telegraph hackernoon style site for news Newdac

Anyway SAND will be for Local San DIego events and Ill use some sort of AUTOMATED post with SCHEDUALLED posts for events and a team of curators to keep up with iit

I realize life and work is about automating a system with computers to keep everyone on track using schedualed posts then have a team of curators to comment and humanize these automated weeky or daily posts... we then have subjects for all over the city, from Zoo and Seaworld to beach parties to Local venu lists of music events... we need to list them all on

eventually the ads on the site will buy back so much sand that we will keep SAND at a 1 penny price with 300 sand per day being printed for the reward pool.

Hi, i visit San Diego few months ago. Im really from the Philippines and define san diego is really a beautiful place but this place also gives me memories that i wish i never experience... and i agree with theres lots of plagiarism of photos or taking the wrong side of sandiego but its all up to you how you curate it.. happy working and wish for the best in life for you..

Im sending you 0.01 EOSP About $0.05 USD for being a SAND user!!!