SAND is now on TELOS. And Telos is now on STEEM! Soon SAND on telos will gaining worker proposal funding to develop Telos CITY tokens and trading cards with Vapee. Soon you can create your own telos tokens from steem engine tokens too!

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SAND @sandiegocoin which you can earn posting with #sandiego hashtag or on is now onboth EOS and Telos Main net's. So SAND is pegged across Steem EOS and Telos AND an independent SAND chain from strongblock. I hope to have popular local city token projects funded via Telos WPS, with vapee exchange and their Futbal sports trading card game getting some incredible work done with @sportstaksocial and with my @sandiegocoin SAND token. I hope to have SAND working towards a nextdoor app local craigslist style end game

Withdraw SAND steem engine to SAND TLOS like this:

So Im sending some Telos SAND to my Telos Account from Steem like this from keychain

Buttons from @beggars on steem coming soon!

for EOS you sent to steemenginex with memo TELOSSAND yourtelosname
for TELOS you sent to steemenginex with memo EOSSAND youreosname

And convert EOS SANd to TELOS SAND like this

TLOSP on Steem Engine:

This is the beginning of a brand new day for Steem Engine, and Cross Chain inter blockchain communication. We now have a steem engine token present on Steem, EOS and TELOS (and its own independent EOSIO SAND chain via strongblock )

SAND has STEEM, EOS Telos AND its own Independent EOSIO chain from strongblock SAND chain :)

I hope to explain this post further soon and I will be seeing you on the telegram
or discord

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