On oct 25th I should recieve some telos for promoting telos on steem, I will try to use it to pay for TELOSp so when my TelosP proposal funds come in I can spend those on promoting telos on steem.

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First fo all here is me getting over 20% APR staking 100 Telos to rex.

And here is my proposal for Telos Pegged that is actually on front page of chainspector for telos worker proposals :) Imagine that, i join telos in a few weeks im already the inertia of their SPS, getting almost to #1 on their proposal system :)
But on steem my proposals arent able to pass if I cant get an ungodly amount of votes lol the threshold is much better on telos, steems SPS is not working yet but maybe it is just working out the kinks. i just work theyd compete with other chains like telos and give us governance arbitration elections and a steem board funded to actually do things steemt inc does not! :D

DOwnload SQRL Wallet for a FREE Telos account and show me the name in telegram i will send you 1 free telos https://t.me/hellotelos its already almost 10 cents its over 9 now, and only going up thanks to 0% inflation (Noflation) TEDP Telos Economic Development Package

This token just wont stop going up because the only way to get any to dump is to have had a genesis account and even then all you could get max was 40k telos and you had to have at least 40k eos to get that :D


I hope to get a San Diego SAND token on Telos and do an Airgrab and airdrop to the EOS SAND holders, over 2000 and now 2642 eos holders, each can get a telos SAND token AND for steemians holding sand I will get telos pegged tokens on steem engine soon with the help of @someguy123 and @privex and we can end up with QBE TelosDac TEACH and the telos sand governance token, sTand ? Tsand? SandT? Gsand? SandG? Sand governance on telos SandGoT ? Sand Internal Ecological Governance Organization token the SAND I.E.G.O. :D

Im just brainstorming names but I plan on having a telosdac using a SAND on Telos which will just have to be air grabbed and airdropped with another method to acquire but as a governance token it could be worth a lot and be scarce perhaps only 1 million or 100 thousand and aq 1 for every 10 or 100 eos sand could be airdropped. Im excited to use telosdac to run a free dac tool, perhaps ill need to stake some telosdac to get the extra features ill need for my city to start a private city governance system that can self regulate and become more useful and popular than old school government.

Trade telosdac here on @newdex-io https://newdex.io/trade/telosdacdrop-tlosdac-tlos


More details about how telosdac will allow us to run a whole city one day starting with something like a school, running the school board administrational activities of a few interns starting at first and thenw orking oru way up to somethung greater



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