Come create your Free Telos Account with SQRL or All Users get 0.1 TLOS and some SQRL. San Diego Telos Users get a free Bonus of 10 TLOS tokens for first 10 San Diegans to show up. All Steemians get Bonus TLOSP

in telos •  7 months ago is your Free SQRL wallet and Telos Account referral link. We will each get 5 SQRl tokens, not worth much but I am attempting to create some volume and buy pressure. SQRL tokens have functional purpose as they provide free CPU for transactions and they also have a bonus feature of being a logo and branding for @sqrl itself


I will give you TLOSP, TLOS or SQRL depending on where you come in and if youre a Sandiego user. Telos SAND is a small niche but if I can get telos popular in San Diego, I can get users to start using https://steemsandiego.,com aka

San Diego Locals can get some free telos SAND just post their telos account in chat and if you are not on desktop you can use SMS signup

Telos SAND Tokens can be seen here inside SQRL wallet


SQRL is also seen here and I am willing to do some giveaways for more than just 10 Telos for the first 10 San Diego Telos users who appear and show me proof of Locality. I'll give 10 SAND and 10 SQRL if you can show me steem, twitter posts or any social media post to prove you are San Diegans, @challengedac is another method to claim eos CHL and SAND tokens and will be adding telos soon.


(From Justin Infinity Block )

From Luis on

You can trade telos on Steem engine as TLOSP

or Newdex as TLOS

In fact you can earn some free TLOSP or NDX by coming here

And get some TLOSP here on @telosnow discord

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