Buying 1200 telos on newdex and it feels GOOD. telos staking rewards are up to 30% APR

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Telos REX Resource Exchange is giving some of the highests taking rewards in all of cryptocurrency and its also synergizing with Telos new 0% inflation to REALLY make the price go up so I am buying more and helping take away all the cheap telos! FEW are actually selling so if you think you're getting a cheap telos price buy order think again. Buy now or never get these low prices ever again. A LOT of EOS marketcap will DUMp into TELOS until Telos is 1 to 1 with EOS.

Telos is on FIRE and people are on twitter asking why EOS has no staking rewards, and yet, it does with REX but people only get a few percentage points but on telos we are on FIRE at 25 to 30% lol

Trade telos here on @newdex-io

I plan on getting ASS on EOS and using the EOS version for an adult dapp since no one has any adult media dapps on EOS :)