Follow @Challengedac Official Twitter account for $2 Upvotes

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The Challengeeos Community on Steem is growing and we are grateful to Steemians for all their support. To add to this, We the Challenge Team are also ensuring that we grow the @challengedac official twitter account. Challengeeos is a challenge dapp with team based in San Diego and I am hosting this contest to help build our Twitter community. Check out the steps you need to follow to qualify for the $2 worth of Steem upvote.

untitled-poster_43583297 (3).png

Follow the @challengedac twitter account and drop the screenshot in the comment section of this post to get a $2 worth upvote from the Challengeeos Steem Curation accounts with 230K Steem Power. Endeavour to drop screenshots for verification.

Here is the link to the Challengedac Twitter page:)

Read about Challengeeos on our official website

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Here is proof!

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Here is proof,,,,,
Thanks you so much for your post ❤️

Where is the proof?