New SAND Website Banner. Instead of SteemSanDiego I am opening up the possibilities and renaming the Nitrous Site just SAND or SANDiegocoin, and I will be utilizing AND

in sandiego •  8 months ago 

New Steem San Diego Logo banner


This will be the new banner on which will no longer be promoted as the main website.

From now on I will redirect to that website, but start using SAND as a general term for everything with SAND and not separate out the dapps per chain since they all work together via discord telegram and steem-engine gateway. And the site will remain the site for the token info, we will just use

Also goes to our website and going to the SAND nitrous site that lets you post and earn SAND using the SCOTBOT steem tribe with nitrous (condenser front end) by @eonwarped


SO we will have many new combinations of and and IF YOu can think of the BEST name of the Nitrous SIte using a Subdomain off and let me know in the comments to earn some SAND token stake!

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