Delegating 250,000 SAND Power to marianne.sand to help keep / up to date with RELEVANT San DIego related posts first!

in sandiego •  6 months ago 

@marianne.sand has been given 250,000 SAND Power for

She has been an excellent curator! its up to her to begin curating, whens he has more work than she can handle i will delegate to whoever she feels is a good curator and pay her upvotes in steem to compensate her for her work soon!

Id love to use the style of to run my osn discord, maybe if I buy enough Neoxianag and delegate to my own SAND users i can form a partnership ad hoc! @neoxian has his own cyber city, while I have a tribe focused on a physical city. I would love to merge the two when teh time comes

I would love to bring attention to for all locals who begin learning about Steem who live in San Diego whenever steem starts to pump, as I believe it will, when the time comes for BTC to have its market cycle.... altcoins will be where peopel go and we will get a LOT more attention this time was soon as my rteam like @rratzen begins building progressive web apps and native mobiel apps that can ALLOW us to actually HOLD STEEM ENGINE tokens on a MOBILE WALLET app, AND i am asking @sqrl team Marlon from telos Miami to tell me if i can add STEEM to his SQRL wallet Github and how I can go about doing that , so the sqrl wallet, a fork of greymass which is a quasi fork of @vessel can allow us to hold steemengine tokens in a desktop wallet :)

come chat with us if youre in San Diego!

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