Bernie Sanders Is Actually Competition Against Donald Trump (((FAR-LEFT VS ZIONIST NEO-CONSEVATIVES!)))

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-First of all Donald Trump is not alt-right and under his administration the economy has been booming like never before, he has slashed lots of government regulations, he has pulled us out of stupid wars, he has polled higher in the New Hampshire primary than the five previous presidents. He is not exactly pro-gun; but he isn´t as anti-firearms as animals/leftists are. "Taxation"/extortion is theft and I don´t care if the "Orange Führer" is seen badly by the "mainstream"/fakstream media and the "socialist"/"communist"/brainwashed audiences don´t see that this guy is far from being a dictator and that leftist systems like Marxist-Leninism have killed over 150,000,000 people and are still torturing countries like Venezuela since they never get tired of killing... Also this Zionist puppet is far from being a national socialist (Nazi) as he is defending the state of Israel and he placed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Muslim ban is pretty cool even if insufficient, the border war can stop human trafficking, drug cartels and probably a shit ton of Cuban, Russian, Chinese and/or Venezuelan agents, we are in the second cold war!

-Bernie Sanders used to praise the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and also said Venezuelans are living the American dream more than us. I am writing this in San Diego #California ; where Democrat have ruined the state slowly. But the radicalization of the Democrat Party is setting it´s own gravestone; Michael Bloomberg is a joke ,like Hillary Clinton but (((Bernie Sanders))) seems to have a lot of supporters sadly. @informationwar and @familyprotection should also be involved somehow in the "Make America Great Movement" (MAGA); trying to direct it at the protection of traditional families, the improvement of the Libertarian Party (LP), the reduction of "taxation"/extortion, stopping stupid endless wars on the family, "terrorism" and prohibition itself! The wall shall get built; I bet Donald Trump will get elected again! ALSO THE 23 TRILLION DOLLAR PUBLIC DEBT SHOULD BE FACED AS A REAL PROBLEM AND AS RON PAUL SAYS THE "FEDERAL RESERVE" SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. ALL GUN LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!


You're in San Diego? You realize this is a Republican County right?

If you had a gripe with the Bay Area, I would get it, but here... there's many, many, Trump Supporters, even if they are closeted.

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Amen! Amen! That is an absolutely excellent post! :)

Rest well tonight knowing that President Trump will more than likely be re-elected in November, which will give him 4 more years to complete the work he has begun, included hopefully (not necessarily in order of importance), a revamping of the Supreme Court, a decent health care system, real prison reform, a better immigration system. a more peaceful Middle East, a reduction of the massive debt (thanks to Obama), continued draining of the swamp of everything ever associated with the corrupt Clintons, and with some luck, the complete and utter dismantling of the Democrat Party, assuming of course it doesn't self-destruct before then.

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