Flor: Alpinia Purpurata / Flower: Red Ginger

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Buen día estimados amigos de @photostreen, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes una foto que le tomé en el jardín de mi apartamento a una flor: la Alpinia Purpurata tambien conocida como Jengibre Rojo, Platanillo, ella es perteneciente a la familia de las Zingiberaceae, la flor es herbacea, un arbusto, es larga como un racimo y es muy fuerte, debido a esto es usada para arreglos florales, y para afornar eventos tales como bodas, y fiestas,es de semi sombra, es originaria de Malasia, aunque se encuentra en los paises tropicales, y se conocen mas 400 especies.
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Las fotos las tomé con mi samsung galaxy A 10.

Good morning dear friends of @photostreen, today I want to share with you a photo that I took in the garden of my apartment to a flower: the Alpinia Purpurata also known as Red Ginger, Platanillo, she is belonging to the family of the Zingiberaceae, the flower is herbaceous, a shrub, it is long as a cluster and it is very strong, because of this it is used for flower arrangements, and to accommodate events such as weddings, and parties, it is semi-shade, it is native to Malaysia, although it is found in tropical countries, and more than 400 species are known.
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I took the photos with my samsung galaxy A 10.

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