Steem-Engine PRIVEX gateway API history +Telos and telos SAND withdraws and deposits should be working now. EOS withdraws are up just deposits still being fixed. We also have telos SAND being listed on NEWDEX

in sandiego •  8 months ago 

So @someguy123 of @privex finally was able to fix some issues that all of EOSIO was having due to EOS cpu crunch, but now Telos and my telos SAND token gateway is working, for both deposits and withdrawing!

Just go to and select TELOS SAND from the drop down menu to withdraw sand for telos sand.

and you can see it here in SQRL wallet (or in scatter)

Now You can actually withdraw telos SAND to your telos account

get a Free telos account from SQRL wallet or come to the telegram to try the new beta and get access to some new features like a internal wallet token swap


and come to SAND telegram to discuss the new listing of SAND TELOS on Newdex (so we have SAND listed on EOS and TELOS trading zones

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