SAND price is coming down from its high. I will be enabling ads to buy back SAND just like I paid for WEEDCASH to enable Ads. This will create demand to buy back SAND to burn. We also have Telos SAND,

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TELOS Sand is a much higher price and the token is pegged using @privex gateway which anyone can use

if you need a free telos Account to hold your SAND tokens

fif you burn enough SQRl tokens you can already do SAND to telos token swaps inside SQRL thanks to Rory from TEOS Telos South Africa


Download @sqrl with this link

Telos SAND on Newdex will allow Locals or anyone who talks about San Diego to get a much higher price for their SAND rewards. Telos FREE accounts allow ANYONE in San Diego to get a FREE SQRL wallet and hold Telos SAND . Free SMS based telos Accounts:

We also have a nice Steempeak Front END to earn SAND steem engine tokens which you can withdraw to Telos SAND to sell for Telos.

So we just need to spread the word! Telos accounts are available to make posts

PEER tokens can ALSO soon be earned to make questions or ask them about SAND

And when telos discussions app is live we can post forum posts live on the telos main net with telos SAND tokens tips for posts. Until then we have EOS main net discussions app for EOS main net SAND posts made with EOS accounts on SAND smart contract sandiegocoin + tips and inter forum transactions. Soon I hope to have categories for "Lost and Found" and "For Sale" just like Craigslist or the Nextdoor App. This way we can pay people for making posts like they normally have to PAY to do in Craigslist.

I will have scaling issues with steem with 2000+ steem invites I have ready and on EOS unless voice changes things the accounts are even more expensive at $1-$2 per account unlike steem at 10 to 30 cents per account. However why pay anything when Telos has free accounts and you can hold TELOS SAND in your FREE Telos Wallet (Telos has a FREE million account pool and which can be expanded to HUNDREDS of millions if free accounts if needed. Yes they did EOSIo right! And I can make STEEM like this starting with Telos STEEMP coming to a SQRL and telos wallet near you.

EOS SAND is also available to earn by simply completing GPS location based ChallengeDac @challengedac app

So the value of SAND should go up when locals can earn it via a GPS dapp using EOS blockchain.

We also have tipit allowing you to tip SAND on Telegram Twitch Discord and Twitter

I have tipped SAND to the Mayor of San Diego's Office and to the MTS Metro Transit System

We can use the Metro transit SYstem Bus Pass as a target for our new Blockchain ID system. Every Local CA ID can be linked with Worbli to an EOSIO blockchain account and the Buses are a perfect start. I even predict that if you complete Jury Duty, you could be given tokens directly on your Telos SAND account for use at any bus, using facial recognition and EOSIO Voice as a possible method for making the wallet you. 'the Wallet is You" as @fyrstikken once said in and his BTCF is actually very promising

We could have an entire Local Wallet system where locals are given an EOSIO wallet using telos, or worbli, and they wont need to carry an ID card or private key card. We would be ble to scan peoples faces and use an EOSIO voice system or universal ID to allow users to be associated with their wallet which will have SAND or MTS tokens. perhaps SDMTS would be a good token or EOSIO chain for the bus system.

These electric Buses San Diego Metro Transit System is using can be outfitted with Tesla style in car entertainment Kareoke, games to win MTS tokens, this is the future of monetizing human activity! PAy people to use the bus!

Soon you will get PAID to use the Bus, and if the city is too afraid, we will have tesla electric buses to replace them where every bus is a PARTY bus with drinks, a bar, bu;lers, and all activity is monetized. Why not? I hear with tesla self driving car fleets and boring tunnels, we wont even need buses :D

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