San Diego Coin and Privex gateways coming back online soon! APPICS, TLOS,CHL, EOS to STEEM to TELOS conversion coming back soon, bear with meh

in sandiego •  8 months ago 

I just talked with @privex or rather got a reply from them! We should have the gateways up soon for EOS @appics @sandiegocoin @TLOS all of it

I will run a special campaign to help anyone whose been stuck, we apologize for our delay

But hey it's not like we are running hospitals or governments with this software... right? :D

We can wait a few days... yes i know some of us maybe lost a chance to arbitrage some money between steem engine and newdex, but its ok because I will make it up to you, well I will try. Come to our channel for Steem on EOS here


ALSO I have asked @tipitbot to add @appics and i will ask @beggars to add the APX token to the gateway drop down menu!

Need fast affordable private servers? These guys RUN steem-engine! IMAGINE what you can do , doing business with @privex ?

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