Russian Military Coming into Italy with Virus Experts. When will San DIego create a plan for all of its citizens?

in sandiego •  3 months ago 

We need to ask when will we have Russian troops come in to deliver aid? Have we come to that? Why isnt NATo delivering medical aid to Italy? Somethings not right and I am NOT anti russian, they are clearly trying to help and survive this crazy world. NO ONE is claiming Russia did this, theyre just trying to SURVIVE

Russia didnt start 9/11 or the iraq war or ISIS in fact they cleaned up OUR MESS in the middle east

Real Americans are PRO Humana nd RUSSIANS are human, and yes some conservative Russians go overboard but so what? Russian Democracy is not your concern and those people need economic vitality THEN political self determinism can come NEXT.

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San Diego is still in the containment phase. The Bay Area was able to flatten the curve by sheltering in place. We may not be so lucky here as people are not fully adhering to the rules, but, San Diego has done more than most.

Schools, malls, restaurants, bars and now public parks. Social distancing... Preparing hospitals.

What more of a plan are you looking for?

Schools are offering a weeks worth of meals to kids 0-18 (although they did run out) grocery stores are taking more precautions.

Online learning is set to have a "soft start" on April 6, and be "officially graded" by end of April. Only two deaths in the whole county from people who already had underlying conditions.

Hospitals (Like Kaiser) have security up front making sure only sick people get in, and lowering the crowds. San Diego is doing something.