Placing an order for 96 Steem worth of SAND, 970, for 0.099 STEEM per sand. + needs users to post with the #infowars hashtag!

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I just placed an order for 96 stem worth of SAND and here is how it works... I place an order so my users can sell their sand when they earn it using Im currently in the process of buying back a lot of the sand i sold, at a lower rate so I can keep the tokens to myself, without much fo supply to pump value and rarity into the project.

I will be using new standards that i am learning about such as not advertising the actual token itself but to advertise the dapp. I do seek to show SAND is a utility token used for the SAND power of the social media platform SAND and that anyone who thinks SAND is a security is mistaken. However, if i am told I am not allowed to sell any SAND for development, I will simply pay my developers or myself my own sand via upvotes and sell it as a private individual. I am going to start seeking legal counsel about the moves I make now, so i can be sure that my project appeals to the most business people. I feel that as long as I continue building, i will be fine but I need to ensure that I get the EOSDAC dac factory software paid for ASAP, ot to contact TelosDac Bryan and ask when free telosdac tools can be made available as I do have a SAND token on telos, and I hope to use to give myself my OWN proposal front end, and I hope to work with Marlon from telos miami and get ourselves a standardized system where every telos token itself can have a worker proposal system where the WPS system in SQRLwallet would have a drop down menu to choose which token youre doing proposals for. I need to show that funds for SAND can be held in a multisig custodial account similar to krown and so that I can prove to the local city officials that my project is tapped into a very powerful blockchain governance system with military grade encryption

Currently the price is settling around the $0.01 range on steem engine and more importantly newdex

prices are also around the same range on steem engine and if you need to convert steem sand to eos sand while the gateway is down I will be happy to manually do so on the steem-engine gateway here

Also don't forget that you can now use steem for #infowars and get infowars tokens which will be used for a global freedom of speech DAC needs your help and the INFOWARS token is here ready for purchase to help fund the Nitrous site and delegation which needs just another few thousand steem but we have staking and SCOT so far!

Together we can create a new home for the banned subreddit "TheDonald" and make BILLIONS off of the image and brand of president trump who is a public figure now! We can use TRUMp brand to our advantage and create The Donald TRIBE, which can precede any steem community before communities get started. Thanks to @bleepcoin for giving me this idea to create @the-donald-io and I may use @thedonaldnetwork or @thedonaldchain or @thedonaldsteem but we will have a "The_Donald" on steem, with a donald token so the TENS of millions of reddit users can all FLOOD into steem and PAY to keep steem going they will BUY steem accounts but I can give out thousands of this is really what triggers the steem bull run! yes i can feel it! we must create The Donald token now!

i need a good name for the account. Token will just be centipedes so PEDES or FROGS or i dunno, what will the currency of donald be anyway? I think just DONALDS or TRUMPS will work we have a TRUMP coin already but we need DONALD coin i suppose. i guess token named thedonald with 1 billion or 100 million maybe 21 million tokens could become the NEXT bitcoin. lol

HERE it is @thedonaldcoin

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

DONALD can be confused with any other character, I think it is better to associate the TRUMP keyword, although as you say that it is already busy you can think of something that attacks that last name, since even its properties refer to that, there is the power.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

nooo dude... its not about that. the reddit is called the donald. not trump... besides they already have trump taken bro!!!

its about THIS specific subreddit not a general trump thing which got quarantined and censored by reddit

ALSO do you see how much more the donald gets?!?! dude thats so much for "any donald" dude lol THE DONALD subreddit was a BIG DEAl it had 70 MILLION subscribers and reddit knocked the number down ... it was blatent censorship by left wing reddit owners at conde nast publishing house owned by fucking HEARST the guy who started the spanish american war lol I KNOW u guys learn about william randolph hearst in venezuela :D the great american capitalist imperialist who owned large parts of south america