Once I can find a novel way to prove locality, i can give exclusive giveaways of BTC and CashApp to locals.

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I am excited to actually use Bitcoin AND SAND to do giveaways, so that people in the discord get REAL Usable Crypto and @cashapp cash prizes. People respond well to money they can actually use. https://CashAppCard.org

tenor (8).gif

I may hide some custom coins for SAND with private keys or vouchers,, more likely they will be steem wallets with SAND and BTCP. i will also allocate some of my own BTC and Cashapp Fiat to do giveaways

I also recommend all San Diegans get a Monaco Card from Crypto.com here https://platinum.crypto.com/r/a2rt4csmfc Get a Free Monaco Debit Card which can top up with EOS which you can get sell SAND on newdex. I also applied to get SAND on the card but I will need more users.

I may get @bluebaleno @bigbluewhale discussions.app to license to me a special open source SAND system for nextdoor appp style fuynctionality, I can already use it like this to make posst ON EOS SAND smart contract on eos blockchain here https://eos.discussions.app/tag/sand


Come chat about it here on Discord: https://discord.sandiegocoin.org https://discord.gg/yUY5kbt and earn SAND tokens

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandiegocoins
Telegram: https://t.me/sandiegocoin

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I love how this post got to 1 SAND

At $1 per SAND every resident can get a $1 token... at $1,000 per sand we can use it as UBI... approx 300 SAND issued per days so

About 25 EOS to buy up all the cheap eos SAND. But sand is 100% liquid meaning you can sell any SAND you have, for steemp and EOS, maybe not for as much as you would want but you CAN cash out but NOt at the prices as you see on scatter, lynx, etc. I have to admit, I dont have the liquidity to support the $1 price even when its valued there, but it Is liquid.... i can always cash them out......

but i need constant liquid eos steemp or btc to cash out the SAND and this will come from Advertising and.... promoted posts

But if we have very little users we wont even get promoted posts and thats a problem

But if i get students to post their essays to earn extra money I can do something really powerful here.