Lets Expand the WIld Animal Park so that HUMANS are Also taken care of. One Big Ecological Preserve with ECO friendly HUMAN exhibits

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The Park is closed but a skeleton crew is taking care of the Animals. We will have more zookeepers living inside the parks AND we will have AUTOMATED systems for delivering the food to the animals

Im talking ecological preserve robots that go around feeding the animals (including the humans) Alex Jone's worst nightmare :D FEDERAL LAND ISSUED TO HUMANS who then OWN the land under the guise of CUstodians for surrounding nature preserves, like a system of free rent zookeepers and gardeners. Obviously less capable and less skilled people will at first just tend to gardens or just stay inside and work online, it will be up to them, and the option to get jobs and go better yourself will still be available but we will give everyone in the USA a tract of land they will own and a tiny house. Many will need to be in cities so i want to make cities environmental green paradises but still allow all the free market capitalism ... online... so we still have responsible ownership and private property but we dont have rational self interest.... just a shared Rational self interest. All Americans getting tesla solar roofs and tiny homes with a parcel of Federal Land OR the credit to get cash instead, which many wealthier americans will choose especially when they hear that the supply of the tiny homes need to go to the most at risk people first. We cant just pay for homeless people to live in Hotels and airbnbs, they dont want that either. People would appreciate getting a PERMANENT residence somewhere they could live as long as they didnt cause problems for the neighboring people for the first 6 months to a year etc.


I will breed the most attractive humans in my zoo

There is a LOT of land that, if we gave out to humans, would have very little ecological impact. ALSO, we CANNOT tell the existing humans "left over" that there's no land left for them after billions of us have already destroyed so much ecosystem. The damage is done and if we do NOT compromise NOW and give Free Capitalist Humanity their FINAL parcels, then they will just keep encroaching on existing nature preserves when the system collapses and no one is there to enforce it! ALL systems collapse we need LONG TERM systems to keep our lifestyles going for the next hundred to thousand years.

If we can simply make the humans RESPECT their own land and GIVE MORE of them a PIECE of it so they OWn it, well then, then we can all see with all the colors of the wind.

because you can own the earth but still all your own is earth and still, you cannot Build with all the colors of UBI

Oh wow I actually shed tears listening to this song and i am serious about finding a way to distribute land to Americans even symbolic small parcels for retirement accounts. And i found THIS old poster advertising Indian lands? Very sad

But we Cannot just take lands that were used by other peoples in the past and now decide that it is a nature preserve and not allow ANYONE to at least have limited ecological settlement? We humans are of this earth , all races, and we deserve a chance to live side by side with nature, and that means everyone having tiny homes, and if the US Gov is already contemplating $1000 a month for all 300 M americans for a year or more, then why not spend that $12k on building VERY cheap tiny homes WITH solar panels PAID for by Subsidies to Tesla... why bail out banks airlines and GM when we can just Give stimulus to an actually profitable company.... imagine what tesla would do with that money, even if they didnt build anything the research and development alone would be more efficient than most Universities


If Q Anon wants to do something epic........ imagine bureau of land management coming under this white hat control and the Land given out to all Americans. Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, all Americans all getting a cut of that Land.

Nature even has a reward pool set up for us

https://forum.telos.net try it with @sqrl https://sqrlwallet.io

https://discord.telokanda.com We will actually make these dreams of a High tech Jungle Earth, from USA to Africa to Indonesia to SOuth America the whole planet will be wealthy, it may take a few years for the starlink and the internet and smartphones to kick in, but we will have a whole new world

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