I just sent metzli and fitinfun 3 INV steem ninja invite tokens each so they can invite 3 people with instant free steem accounts. Use giftgiver.me for 30 SP 7 day delegation after creating them

in #sandiego2 years ago

I just sent 3 INV to @fitinfun and @metzli and encourage them to invite anyone they want, and ask me for more as many as they need, as I will provide free instant steem accounts to whoever needs. Even if you need some for your own projects I can still give you one thats fine. I just want to onboard as MANy local San Diego Southern California users as I can or anyone who is willing to post about San Diego.

Oh and also, i checked steem engine and wow, as I suspected, SAND on Newdex allowed SAND on Steem Engine to go RIGHT up!


WOW SAND pumping to #2 on steem engine and I didnt touch it! I knew @newdex-io arbitrage would work! It DRAGGED SAND price RIGHT up like i predicted!


Wow! Great job, @ackza. I am so happy to be involved in this project. Keep working it :)