I am contemplating buying back 50,000 SAND at 0.00025 to 0.0005 EOS per SAND

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Trade Signal Warning ;)

I am also a fan of GEM for Angry Warlord Game on newdex which you can play on mobile devices or desktop and then get paid in GEM tokens you can sell for Telos on @newdex-io OR even in @sqrl desktop wallet or inside Cooxl Wallet https://wallet.coolx.io



And remember I am investor in SESACASH https://sesacash.com

Now is the time to be ruthless and invest at rock bottom prices because the global economic 2020 roaring 20 fake out may be happening.... if the dollar crashes the crypto markets, will be the only ones that go up but altcoins are a mes

Look at Bitconnect... even with Bitcoin people still flood a scam with billions so, BTC is a reflection of humanity. Some things look so good, too good to be true so we must constantly work on them, fork them, create new chains and mix them all together

Steem can still be salvaged but @justinsuntron needs to create a plan for steem price to be $8 ATH again, so he can sell justa fraction of his stake and get a massive profit

This would include Justin Suin having to step aside and do less.... because this is an anarchistic system that hates leaders but if you take governance and are a strong leader with real clear morals, then you can still salvage value

But you HAVE TO RISK giving up 3 million steem a year for 1 million free accounts , and you will need to then sunset steemit.com or make it VERY lean and cost effective and rely only on websites like @steempeak so you can then have
the ADVERTISING money on Steemit.com go back to STEEM

ALL employees at steemit inc MUSt be paid by STEEM first and foremost, we need to have the steemit inc company be a FOUNDATION that just looks after Steem like telos foundation looks after the core ideals of telos

This can be a 2 to 5 to even 10 year plan and steem needs something similar where @steem and @steemit are used for infrastructure and then steemit inc ANNOUNCES how much they will actually sell to pay expenses, and then build that into the blockchain using the SPS etc

I have a Plan for SAND and I have a backup token on EOS, Telos and my own EOSIO chain created by https://strongblock.io and I hope to integrate more with HIVE, where I already have SAND accounts and COmmunity with hive hivemind community here: https://hive.blog/trending/hive-150033

These Hive COmmunities are already working so well on https://hive.blog or better yet https://peakd.com

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