How to Write a Congressional Bill. State the New Policy in brie,f define ambigious terms, name government agency that will oversee the enforcement + enforcement mechanism & indicate implementation time frame

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How to Write a Congressional Bill: State the New Policy in brief define ambiguous terms, name government agency that will oversee the enforcement + enforcement mechanism & indicate implementation time frame

H.R. ______
_____(Full title of your bill goes here)_____
In the House of Representatives
Date: _____________
(Your name here) introduced the following bill; which was
read twice and referred to the Committee on

_____(Repeat the full title of your bill here)_____
1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America
2 in Congress assembled.
3 SEC. 1.
4 Short Title: Your bill will have an official title, but this is where you put the title you
5 actually want your bill to be called (i.e. JOBS Act, PATRIOT Act, etc.)
6 SEC. 2.
7 (a) Explanation of terminology- Which terms need to be defined in order to understand
8 the bill?
9 (b) Not all terms will need to be defined. In fact, you may not need to define any terms.
10 SEC. 3.
11 What is the act going to do? Who is going to be involved / impacted / affected by the act?
12 SEC. 4.
13 How is the act going to be funded? Who is going to enforce / administer this act? (Which
14 government agency will oversee the bill and its duties?).
15 SEC. 5.
16 Penalties (if any) for non-compliance (not following the rules) of the act
17 SEC. 6.
18 Enactment Date: When will the law go into effect?

Heres one of my ideas for a proposal to get passed my Congress, to give every American a piece of land from the Federal Western Land reserves, and to give every american the money to build 1 tiny home, equivalent to the $12,000-20,000 per person per year the Federal Government wanted to start giving us for a year anyway! We may as well have them take ita step further and just make the ultimate decision for us, to provide ecologically friendly Tiny Homes so UnEmployed Americans can FINALLY RELAX.

I know you may think the minority of land owners wont be able to handle a few million americans moving into new tiny homes, or for the Federal Gov to outright purchase some homes if cheap enough, but I really do believe the resulting economic activity from the tens of millions of Americans all saving money with their first property, saving rent, spending investing, will allow many to actually get a taste for money, and profit, and we will see MORE people more families more house buying and building and the prices will only go up as the dollar goes down anyway. Real estate will go up even if they build homes for everyone because we will have Canad intaking tens of millions of new immigrants for the goal of 100M Canadians by 2100 and by then theyll start coming down into the American West, highly educated high earning immigrants, and land arbitrage will happen. But real estate will always go up as long as we have a health economy and a growing population that MUST grow so we can start populating the stars and space! Earth can be ran eco reserve one day and heavy industry can be done in space and on the moon.

What we need now is the UBI to happen and for people to see the accumulative fractal effects that just happen when everyone is feeling a part of the team again. The countries productivity will skyrocket and crime lower as everyone will feel like they are getting their cut of the American dream... or more like the American Payroll lol. Then we can all begin innovating, building technologies and solar panels that can save us more money and give us better lives , more freedoms, better efficiency, more people growing their own foods, more local production and then honestly homelessness in the western world starting in USA can end, then we can end Hunger in Africa with a ww2 style invasion of hospital boats and food supply ships to Africa and we can use BTC and starlink and smartphones to educate everyone on how the social media UBI can work.

USA will grow in population just like China and we will have a billion people and thus a MASSIVE need for real estate. we CANNOt think short term. We need long term real estate TINY eco homes for ALL poor landless homeless americans, AND, for those who dont want to move out, they can get a stimulus credit towards their existing mortgage worth the same as the $10-20k cost per american per tiny home. tesla motors style production or 3d printing can make these homes cheaper and cheaper. Section 8 style waiting lists may happen but we can put all homeless in hotels or airbnb style situations subsidized in bulk deals by the Federal Gov and this will SAVE us money on healthcare and social services.

When people have houses with free solar tesla panels and batteries and starlink internet they will stop drinking and doing drugs.

Alex Jones was afraid we would all inherit some scary tiny home eco future where we couldn't go outside without special permission but in reality, our tiny homes will be temporary step to technology star trek style that will allow us all to reach self fulfillment with art and science, and basic income will take care of us all because industrial civilization can afford it

Eventually we will all realize that a world where we take care of the poor and turn them into a massive new global middle class means that we can also create

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