Buying 2 million Challengedac tokens :D This SAN DIEGO based project is going to take over steem blockchain respectfully.

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Ive been buying challenge dac tokens on newdex today

The new challenge app is going to be worth it, you'll see a sneak peak in this animation from @chaceeskam

Man, they basically have their own social media dapp now, see what i mean? This changes everything

And @challengekent (formerly represented by @eoskent now retired account ) mentioned @citimillz

come talk to the crew here

check out the latest promo videos by @citimillz

Im going to take some of the CHL I bought off newdex and send it to @citimillz for helping out

i also sent him 10 EOS and I hope to get some big promos going soon with VIDEOS and twitter and tik tok. Full SCreen Ads are the future

This video explains why tiktok is so important

Honestly i see challengedac becoming like tiktok with full screen ads but more freedom.


I have joined but not seeing any challenges, Do I have to make them only(

yes! you have to create or be sent challenges for now. our developers are working on new features where users will be able to view challenges close to them.

what is your challenge username? i will send you a challenge.

Ah ok that makes sense, It is skylinebuds3 thanks

wow, thanks for the kind gesture bro

I appreciate! ;xD