Banjo Stats for SAND show Actual Yield as $2.12 for 877.44 SAND as Sum of Top 10 Pending payouts at 877.44 SAND / 14.478 STEEMP / $2.93 However at Newdex prices you can get double that in EOS

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All of t6he

last sunday it was $3 total rewards

But, on Newdex you can get double these prices. Its time I enable Ads so that we can have BUY BACK sand of the STEEM markets. I then need to establish a network of local cryptocurrency writers who make posts about all things local tech. San DIego Union tribune could enable scatter and give me a local eosio newspaper system


I am also starting a SDBTC and SDEOS tag (even though SAND basically IS the only SD EOS there is lol and I will have governance from telos Decide Built In so no one will be able to touch us when it comes time for competing for local Public Bank funds needed to secure the network and SAND will be years ahead of the competition like tesla is with electric cars.



Amazing idea of the posting