Investing in SAND. {Dpos based city.}

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Today I bought my first few SAND tokens to get my voting started on the tribe front end! {}I actually really love the idea of a city run by Delegated Proof of Stake. I think it makes a lot of sense. First of all, voting on a block-chain adds an insane amount of extra transparency. It's harder to be fraudulent.

I remember when I was in middle school: There was literal wanted posters on the wall regarding 2 million dollars missing from the school district budget. Needless to say there have been TONS of fraud and money laundering cases in major cities around the world. Especially considering the actual infrastructure and politics.
Delegated Proof of Stake makes a lot of sense for a major city. Here is why I believe this would be an excellent and efficient way to run a city:

Elections can be recorded on the block-chain.

City Government transactions can be recorded on the block-chain.

Much more local issues could be voted upon every year.

It would be nearly impossible to "cook the books" after something is recorded.

Policies could be changed much faster based on what citizens actually want.

Politicians could have witness type accounts and submit proposals.

Fraud and money laundering would be much more difficult.

Citizens could earn a vote for free by posting great ideas for their city!

A very professional website homepage leads into the actual tribe page. This will be my first blog using the "sandiego" tag. It should post right to the front end. I imagine in the future some cities will only allow citizens to purchase tokens. Other cities will allow outside DPOS so they can access much more revenue. It's really interesting to think I might actually have some influence over the actual city of San Diego through this token. However, I promise to use my stake to bring harmony.
The whole reason I wanted to invest in SAND is because of this post from @ackza about this disgusting foot pumped "eco friendly" hand washing station which apparently leaked and smelled horribly.

I feel like a city run off of a Dpos would immediately downvote this.

Imagine if every policy was based off voting from a DPOS system with tokens. People would vote for the cheapest but most quality option every time. A decentralized city would have less scams like this disgusting "hand washing station" which is probably against existing San Diego City codes anyways.

A dpos would have flaws: But I believe it would have less flaws than a centralized city. It is certainly worth a few test runs. At the very least in its current form; this tribe can act like a check and balance to the "real" city governance. Something that is separate but serves as a positive digital town hall of sorts.


thansk! just saw this! make sure you also check out @telokanda

and check out the TELOS APP telos decide where SAND will have a LOCAL governance TREASURY for proposals soon! click on decide

It's crazy you have use cases for hive telos and eos already. Can I swap them around somewhere? Are they all on some dex or exchange together?

Project looks great.