Rice Grains

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These are rice grains which are being dried by traditional farmers. These grains of rice are dried in the sun to be processed into rice, which will then be sold to the market or to be eaten alone. Currently the farmers are preparing for replanting after some time waiting for the rainy season to return.






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Admire the riches of nature. God created so many interesting and beautiful things.
In my photos, I want to show you the beauty of nature. I hope you enjoy my photos.

Mengagumi kekayaan alam. Tuhan menciptakan begitu banyak hal yang menarik dan indah.
Dalam foto-foto saya ini, saya ingin menunjukkan keindahan alam. Saya harap Anda menikmati foto-foto saya ini.

All photos in this post using smartphone camera Samsung Galaxy Note 10+



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