I flew my paraglider over the main part of san diego

in paragliding •  2 months ago  (edited)

If you have been following my channel for the last few years, you know I live for this.

In this video we hiked up a local hill here in San Diego called Little Black and flew off.

After we hiked to the top, we launched into a good thermal cycle and climbed up to about 2600 ft above sea level on some lifting air feeding a cloud or two. Going over the back was inspired by a few guys that were able to get up high in just a few minutes. The first two went over the back, then about 10-15 minutes later, two more launched, then my self and another guy.

We went to almost cloud base and went on glide over the main part of the city. Not violating air space rules. FAR 103 regulations. We had such great time. Enjoy this video.

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