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Here I am staking 10 thousand NDX tokens on the best decentralized exchange or DEX on Earth and I can argue that all day. it has the best features and the best users and community amazing volume and soon autonomous listing where if you buy and stake enough NDX you can list your EOS token, which anyone can pay to have created on I can actually pay everyone in my City a SAND San Diego Token, over discord telegram twitter, STEEM and EOS. And if a city wants to get a token i can show them ho2w to create one and get a dapp, tribe and DAC for their town village city or country. I plan to have a network of city tokens around the planet supporting each other and using basic traditional advertising to buy back tokens used to upvote content in a steem based system called SCOT + EOS-EX which allows my Steem based tribe to have a peg with an EOS token same max supply and 1:1 withdraws available on allows you to earn SAND posting about the city of San Diego, california and soon the DAC will allow for a 12 user account multisig wallet to issue funds for proposals, 1 Million out of 10 Million sand will be used for this. The dream is to have projects spill out from the internet into the real world and have an army of local #cryptocurrency enthusiasts get paid in San Diego Coin to promote San Diego online in Social media.


Come get your free NDX tokens on the @newdex-io discord
And get free NDX on Telegram thanks to @datajunky and @stellabelle

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