NaNoWriMo - Day 4

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My NaNo Day 4

One thing I learned today. If I don't finish my writing in the morning I won't get to it. That means that I have to write some extra tomorrow morning. Today, I had an appointment and had to leave at a certain time. Tomorrow, I have a long list of chores, but will write first.

If you happen to live in San Diego and are participating in the NaNoWriMo Madness, here are some places to meet up with fellow writers and get some support and have fun. None of these work for me this week - but maybe next week I will go. If I do, I post pictures here :)

[Online] Discord Write-In
Monday, Nov 4, 2019, at 7:00 pm on the regional Discord Virtual Write-Ins channel.

[ML-run] Fenton Parkway Starbucks Write-In
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019, at 5:30 pm

[Wrimo-run] Mira Mesa Souplantation Write-In
Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019, at 11:30 am

[Wrimo-run] UCSD Friday Lunch Write-In
Friday, Nov 8, 2019, at 12:30 pm

[Wrimo-run] Darkstar (UCSD) Write-In
Saturday, Nov 9, 2019, at 1:00 pm

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I am planning to write 50,000 + words this month in the spirit of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. But I am going to ignore the Novel part and write whatever I want to. I am doing a complete stream of consciousness style of writing. It might become a Novel, it might look more like morning pages - basically, word vomit onto the page to empty the brain. Maybe, I get a bunch of good blog posts out of it. I don't know. Feel free to read it - or not. Quality is not ensured! 😂

Today's Topics

plastic in our bodies

depressed by the state of the world (politics and such)

crows stealing more pecans

It is early in the morning and I am sitting here in my monk’s outfit - that is what my husband calls it. He gave me that robe made of some kind of fleece a very long time ago. The zipper holding the thing together broke pretty quickly, but I like things to snuggle into especially when it is cold. Who wants all those airspaces where cold air can get you at an unexpected spot.
A broken zipper is an easy fix in this case. An old shoelace is a perfect belt! It might have been a new extra when it first find its glamorous life around my waist, but by now, it is quite old looking. I must say myself that it has a certain similarity with the brown monks rope held together by a rope made with some natural something. But I love that thing and it has to fall apart before I will let go of it.
As much as I love it, it also gives me a constant reminder that it is not so easy to ride the sustainability train. The robe is made from some microfiber fleece, in other words, it is made from plastic of some kind. Once I am not wearing it anymore, I will do my best to find a way to recycle it. But most people are going to throw it away and it will be in the landfill for many hundreds of years. Actually, as far as I know, it will never biodegrade. It will break down eventually - into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. But still, plastic.
And where does that plastic go?
If you guessed into the rivers and ultimately the ocean and into the soil, you guessed right. But did you guess that it is going to end up in your body? Maybe you knew that already. All of us have plastic in our bodies now, some more than others.
Years ago, I read a book by a person that considers herself part of the health movement. She ate and fed her children mostly organic food and was conscious of her environmental footprint. That means she used biodegradable cleaning agents, organic body care and so on.
It is incredible how many dangerous chemicals people allow into their like. Heck, not just allow - they are paying often lots of money for it and bringing it home with a smile on their faces.
This lady wrote a book and I can’t remember the title or what the book was all about. But what stuck in my mind is this fact. She had her hair and the hair of her children examined and they all had plastic present.
I am not a scientist and am not able to tell you right now how those tests are done and what it all means besides the fact that we carry plastic in our bodies where it does not belong.
Which brings me back to my robe. Even though I am going to wear it and not throw it into the trash and even though I will find a way to repurpose it after it is in tatters, I am still guilty of contributing to the plastic disaster. Every time I am washing any fabric made from plastic, tiny little particles are shed that go into the sewer - or your yard if you have a greywater system - and can be eaten by fish or absorbed by a plant. Then we eat that fish and that plant, and viola, a little bit more of plastic is in our bodies.
Why do we care?
Again, not a scientist here and I haven’t researched this topic lately, but plastic wrecks havoc with hormones in our bodies. And, as we now know, hormones control just about everything. So many women have developed breast cancers that are estrogen driven and plastic in our bodies is cited as a culprit.
And that really deserves a blog post and I will work on that soon - NOTE TO SELF

Here are a couple of things that are upsetting me - well, disturbing my peace of mind. Is that how I want to say that? I don’t know. But the truth is that I have been feeling a certain sense of hopelessness that we are getting it as a society. It kind of started with my fellow citizens electing a president that is a disaster in many ways but for sure for everything and anything that has to do with the environment and social justice-whatever that means to people.
And maybe he didn’t get elected and the election was manipulated. Either scenario is rather depressing.
That is one and I see weird shifts in politics into a direction that is very scary to me. Strong men politics has never shown to be good for the people - for a small elite, yes. For the masses, no.
At the same time, I see more and more and more people struggling to survive. So many are one paycheck away from disaster. But still, the choices are to consume more and more and more. We could get into the slavery of being in debt and the design of creating the illusion that buying more will buy happiness but I can’t take those thoughts early in the morning.
Let’s have a little interlude and talk about the birds. My pecan tree must have been bearing a lot this year since I am watching tons of crows high up in the branches happily harvesting away. I see them fly in different directions with the nut in their mouths to their favorite cracking place. A lot like the roof of my neighbor. The bang the nuts against the tile roof or the chimney until they get a crack in it.
Another favorite method is to fly up high and let them drop on the street. Pecans are rather soft shelled. Macadamias are another matter. Those, they throw on the street and wait for a car to drive over. Then they scoop down to harvest their meal.

Okay, feeling better now. Understand that people want to hide - not think about it

To be continues tomorrow

Results - like fringe group took over the town…

Flagstaff: all clothing plastic

Study done when I was a kid on speed of reaction when even a little non natural fiber was involved

Appreciate the fas drying athletic clothing

Book on pesticides published 50 years ago

Lots of talk now on fast fashion and how it impacts the world - trash , manufacturing, cheap labor

How it came about that we were buying more - manipulation through advertisement

More people are buying less

That happened with fast food when the calories were first posted - then, right back to normal behavior

Shopping bags…


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Way to pack it in Marianne! I can not imagine committing to nanowrimo, or any of those marathon writing things, but I'll be back to see what you are doing with it.
Here are some of the thoughts you have prompted in me:
YOur robe reminds me of my mother's clothing, the pieces I kept for my self and wore until they were tatters. That generation thought plastic was the best thing ever, clothes were easier to care for and lasted forever. They were also itchy and smelly and now we know very bad for us
Civilization is a series of life lessons. Maybe we never actually get anywhere.
It's time for the people to wise up to the fact that our government, no matter who is in the white house, is a collection of mobs that sometimes work together to make money by making life harder for the rest of us.
I never thought about how birds get to nut meats. I love that the crows are so smart about it. Have you seen the video of a crow feeding a cat and a dog? The bird takes a morsel, walks over to the waiting car and feeds it, then gets another morsel and feeds the dog both beak to mouth.
Thank you for the morning repast.

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Wow! I'm still amazed at how you manage to write so much. Fourth day now. Congrats! 👏👏

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Thanks for share your thoughts

Posted using Partiko Android

I noticed too I need to write in the morning, preferable before noon otherwise it will be a long, long, day. Off I am I still need to add 700 words and it has to be different from what I wrote so far. It went fast but I have less time left plus am already days behind of you.

That plastic in our bodies concerns me same if it comes to amalgam.ucky birds with all those nuts at hand. 💕

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Hope you got your words down!!
Yes, we do so much to our bodies. It is a miracle that anyone is healthy...

Yes I finished and posted it. Do I need to leave a link again at the same post or?

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The more links you drop at the freewritehouse post, the more SBI and votes coming your way :)

Thank you I keep that in mind plus when the next week starts. Hope more will join. 😁

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"word vomit" LOL I love that. I do that when I write songs too. I guess you could call mine "lyric vomit"!

hahaha - it is the good kind of vomit 😂

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This was sooo good

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Another year of Nanowrimo...
Thumbs up to you @mariannewest..
Rain check for me this year.. Just too many things on my plate for now

totally understand! I was barely hanging in there for the last few months...

You are sure doing so much better than I am :)

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Day four looks good on you @mariannewest, keep it up just start earlier. 👍

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There is a lot of things we need to think on as this world consumes itself and little people struggle to make ends meet purchasing goods that contaminate our lands. I can only try to do what I can to stay the tide and so can you. Great job on Nano!

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I have tried Nano a few times, but seem to hit the 15th day and stop. I have many friends who have written books during the event and love doing it. I just haven't found my groove for it I guess.

Congrats doing NaNoWriMo. I hope you produce some great stuff! I did it once and was in the same boat as you — wanting to do it but not at a point where I had a novel in the works.

Plastics are a great topic. Unfortunately. You could definitely writE a book on that!

I know! it is so very sad.
This NaNoWriMo is my self declared NaMeWriMo - it's not about the novel, it's about me. And I am my own nation LOL
I just want to get back into writing and not censor myself at all. Get back to the joy...

Nice to be cozied up in a favorite robe when the weather gets chilly.

Great writeup to keep us mindful of the dangers of plastic to the environment and our bodies.

Thank you!! We miss you at the freewrite :)

Welcome @mariannewest. I’ve got to get back into the freewrites. 💗

Oh, are you dropping the link? I must have missed it. Have to look now :)

Sorry, Marianne. 😐 Promise I will get back in the grove this week.🤞

I did a post today for Rememberance/veteran’s Day.