I Will Be Performing Live At PlanBTheClub Tomorrow

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Tomorrow the 13th of November 2020 is a Friday and I will be performing Live on Stage alongside two of Nigeria's most popular artistes @oxladeofficial and @iammayorkun @ PlanBTheClub located in Bennett Basset Street. My friends and fans are all invited to come watch me do my thing. Covid is gone, so let me be your entertainment plug and get you entertained.

Entry is granted when you buy a #Hennessy brand. So you simply just buy a bottle of Hennessy and gain entry. A lot of DJ's like DJ Big scratcher, DJ Willz, DJ Sharpspin will be present to make the night a groovy one. Funzy will be the Hypeman.

Buy my new track 'SWIT POTATO' via online stores here: https://raba.io/smartlink/swit-potato-by-citimillz.html

Download here:



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How was it? Next time i gotta send u some hive or steem so youc an do something extra at next performance or even give away busines cards with cash for everyone as a sample of cryptos power

i been real tired lateley because this american election has zapped me of a lot of power its taxing

but we should gets something big soon with the bull market

we will have a ERc20 soon with https://ptokens.io people we will wait and get a great peg on erc20 and list PKANDA on Uniswap and watch this proejct foollow @leofinance success in ethereum but with a better peg providedre. im hoping they can use ptokens.io too and HIVE for PHIVE PLEO on erc20 and eos

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The show was absolutely amazing. Here is the short video link.

Yes! If Telokanda can have a ERC20 token it would really help in exposing the community to the world at large. Bull market is here.

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also hey help me figure out that twitter hive bot!

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