Blog #34 - I Am Officially 13 Years Old

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Welp. I am now 13 now, a teenager. It's a big change even though some people say I've been a teenager since I was 4. I'm still making up my mind on if it's a good change or a bad one. A lot has happened since I was a wee little 12 year old. I'm almost as tall as my mom, I moved from Alameda to San Diego and go to a huge school now. I get straight A's and my new favorite movie is Avengers: Endgame. I could probably write a whole post on my love for this movie and I probably will.

I figured that 13 is a big number and I might as well inform you on it. I can now run this blog all by myself now, and my 7 year old sister, @diamondrainbow started blogging too. Anyway, I love writing and can make money doing it here on this blog so, here I am. I'll be back with another post later, and thank you for reading!

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