Trading in general or success in this field is divided into two parts

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Firstly, the first section is controlling emotions or emotions, and it is 50% of trading. Yes, this is a large section 50% How is that
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Learn patience: I mean, if you set a goal to buy, you will be patient with buying and do not rush
If you put a purchase of a currency and set a goal and a stop until it did not achieve a goal and a coin went up with you and you think other currencies achieve their goals, we must be patient with your currency. If you do not hit the stop or not fall, but slowly ascend to your goal, stay in it
And if a bad market remains outside it even for months, because it is bad with patience, sometimes it also traded by itself
Learn not to be rushed or greedy: If it is a bad market and you see some currencies go up, do not enter a market, you have studied a general or a signal about a whole market that it is bad, do not let one or two currencies deceive you, and also if you saw a currency that rose from a selling area you put it and moved up from it, no You enter it at the top. If you do not buy from the buying area, do not follow the deal, it will come to you. You are a hunter, not a hunt.
Obedience has several aspects as well. If you set a target and hit a target, but you want to stay in a currency because you think that you will go up more, do not do it, this is just greed and your mind will give you a profit euphoria and you want more. Hit a goal and get out with your profit and do not prepare for the same currency in one day
Fear with an increase: In trading, know when you are afraid and when not in the sense of the day there is a good market, you are entrusted to aggressive or the so-called aggressive trading, that is, enter any deal that you consider good, and this trading is only in a very good market, but in a bad market, fear is a good thing
As I told you here, you make up 50% of a successful trader
Greed, fear, patience. Next time we talk about the remaining 50% which is capital management and of course technical analysis and market understanding