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In this article, the San Diego based author grapples with the idea of having to choose between a STEM program or a Dual Immersion Language program for her infant child. 

The schools she describes in her article are specifically San Diego Schools. 

She is asking the tough questions of "why can't we have both" now so that perhaps by the time her child reaches school age, she may be able to have both without having to chose. 

Something I have noticed here in San Diego Schools, especially those that are closer to the border (like the one my daughter goes to, which you can see the San Diego/Tijuana border from a certain angle at the park) is that they all seem to be unofficially dual immersion schools. 

My oldest speaks english and spanish, but because my middle child had "language acquisition problems" (something her Dr. wanted to tag her as, and I didn't let them) we became an English Only Household. 

Since moving back to San Diego, things have changed. We speak mostly English, but they are still picking up the Spanish. Why? Because so many of their friends are Spanish Speaking only. 

I agree with the author of this article, Ismary, and wish that we had more official Language Immersion opportunities. As much as I love my kid coming home and testing me on the different parts of the brain, I can't help but wish she was learning "official" Spanish as well. 

Official, because: "Como que why?" is something my son likes to say to himself after he asks "why" when told to clear his plate or put his dirty clothes in the hamper. 

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Where is your San Diego tag??? 😀

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It must have fallen off!

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And there it is now :)

good!! voted. LOL

In Bangkok we have some schools that offer both bi lingual and STEM programs BUT the kids also do an extra half school day on a Saturday to fit it in!

The bi lingual programs here are really intense with the kids basically having to do school twice. They have most classes duplicated in each language.

Really interesting post , best wishes :-)

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That does sound intense! I have learned through my many years of teaching, that once you learn something in one language, you automatically know it in another language.

I don't know what two languages are spoken in Bangkok (that's the "american" in me) but I do know that English and Spanish are both latin based languages and many scientific terms are extremely similar. Also, geography has the same basic language, and well, math is numbers.

It "shouldn't" be so difficult to do both.

I wonder if they offered both dual language and stem, AND made kids go to school on Saturday, how many of us would actually send our kids to that program.

Thanks for the "food for thought" and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


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