Super silver haze from harbor collective san diegl lrgal xamnabis and $1.40 off weedcash rewards WOW

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Im so impressed to see $1.40 rewards on my weedcash post WOW so heres a new post of my super silver haze




Hah and heres the future us passport with eosio logos as the eagles tears lol so poetic and tragic but enlightening

Millenials falcon


Abyway buy EOS on or better yet deposit weed ane eos to our defi pool here is a God Send for us

Mine WEED eos tokens by depositing eos weed and eos and earn on the swap fees JUST LIKE UNISWAP

SO LETS get @weedcash to make s post asking 200 users to all deposit at least 1 eos $3 to defi pool and they will probably all earn good weedcash tokens on the swa0 fees if we fan break through twitter and instagram and make this popular and it IS the vest cannabis community in crypto where you earn tokens and NFTs for actual cannabis


Oh we also need to keep going with my example of ackzasjungle wax eosio NFTs on where we can have nfts for every POST and the simpleassets has room to type in details about the strain where it was from etc and people can collect the tip weedcash tokens and use them to give upvotes they can come with accounts with delegation etc

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