Found Fresh Nugs On The Street Hahaha

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It's raining free money and weed in Sam diego haha I think there's plants growing in the sidewalks too. Imagine cannabis parks and all homeless given bike towed trailers and memberships to camps with the bathrooms showers and laundry snd wifi snd starlink and solar / seg and hive snd telos .... its all ready

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I grew my first cannabis plant in a public park. @ecosaint

I know a friend of mine loved walking and loved weed.. he started planing seeds all over the city on his many walks!

I wonder if anything became of that?

ya i think i found a lil plant growin

so between the $100 bill i found last week, this free weed and the tens of thousands of dollars on the I 5 freeway yesterday with peopel picking up $100 bills, id say this is the soft start to nesara lol

big fat frosty nugz

love fresh nugz