Eureka distillate cartridge full gram review. ( i like distilate BETTER THAN LIVE resin )

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This stiff is another good pire tasting distilate like moxie. I prefer moxie but maybe this packaging is cooler with their ethereum logo hologram sticker

so yeah these distilates are so much easier 9n the body than tye full.spectrum live resin... no offense plants but we arent meant to inhale that much plant matter and to have a pure distillate is just so much cleaner and leaves my body feeling so kuch more free. Its like going from smoking weed to not smoking any weed. My body ends up not needing to feel hungover hshaa i get a SHOT of thc now dirext to my lungs and blood and brain instead of my lungs getting a fune coating or many fine coatongs of fuxking tar plant wax and whatever 3lse the plants have .... i just love these pure extracta and i know they keep me feeling mentally healthy and clear

Its rhe same feeling i get chugging abottle of mountain spring water ... pure cannabis cartridge oil distillate is booomb its so oure like WATER ans i mean that Is the medium we frew up in. So our brains reflect water and our neuro che.istry is all water based. We are tasting the water in our brains witn our nerurons and cannabis is a candy or fruit or sugar for the brain but we have so much pollution and 5g that maybe we need the thc

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I agree, distillate is much better than anything with the terpenes still in the product. As long as it D6+ it has a smooth inhale and flavor.

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