looking so nice with ads. Locals can spend as low as 1 SAND to propose their idea to earn more SAND. EVEntually the reward pool can get so many lodcal private investors that we can do public works projects an dhire volunteers

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Purchase SAND on @newdex-io

And also on Alcor DEX SAND is FEATURED on this dex


Come help me sign up as many locals as possible on to start posting on our SAND discussions EOS smart contract here

And also come check out San Diego Coin Telos Dapp Progress which will mirror the Arbitration and WPS for the chain, but forked for use in the City of San DIego to allow the whole city to use social media to vote for non political funding of local projects.


1 SAND will be given to 1.5 million San Diegans, or all City of San Diego residents as of 2020. Future residents will be able to signup for Free on telos, or a small cost of 3 Hive, less than $1 today, and with $8 hive prices in the future it may be as high as $20 to $30 for a lifetime membership to this app, but we could sell that in the play store one day, or use our own progressive web app as we have anm app already available but we will need more funding to continue research from great developers like @ratzen who helped me find multiple new methods for mobile app production, and explored with me the use of blockchain inside a mobile app, and the use of scatter etc.

SAND has many avenues and one is the use of EOS, for an expensive luxury dapp for the elite to earn large amounts of crypto because one must pay a few dollars each just for an EOS wallet, or use @waombatapp and get one free. I would also need to finish applying the sand DAPP into SCatter, LYNX and Just like i wanted to help @challengedac do. I would then need to show how HIVE and EOS cost the most for wallets and using the dapp, and telos costs the least, i can sign up 2 million people FREE< and then telso would essentially become SAN DIEGO chain.

If I could actually get a million locals users in San Diego, by making a government program the people can trust which lets you sign up and earn money, i could sell it as a pilot UBI program where the citizens have to EARN their income checks by creating content, which the city can use by selling ads to people for the SAND token which would be fully controlled by the government or private companies given permission, OR, simply make it a sentient AI network that has its own rights and we simply use it and cant control it.... a decentralized network..... publically available.... something no court could ever enforce rules for, but which would bow to the courts and even give special access to juries selected by the legacy system. Telos Arbitration on Smart Contracts will replace the Ethereum Base Layer system.... we will use liquidapps to consolidate all base layers with chainlink erc20s and eosio and telos in one giga factory for inter blockchain communication





Join the DIscord Telegram Twitter

Signup using a HIVE wallet OR, just hole SAND on any EOS or TLOS wallet EOS: TLOS or

OH and since I accidentally posted this in weedcash I post, i should show some recent purchases


Moxie full gram cartridge from @harbormmcc

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Sorry I meant to post this in San Diego Coin ... sorry lol,

here ima edit in something about weedcash