Planted potatoes : March 21 2020

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Lockdown is at this point actually a good thing for me. I don’t have lots of people coming over and I am not going anywhere. My back is way better than it was the past few weeks, and I am getting projects in the garden done.

Today, I planted a bunch of potatoes ( which required all kinds of prep to get it done)

Also peeped a place for sweet potatoes. Going in tomorrow. Trimmed grapes- high time. And more...


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What type of work do you need to do to prep potatoes? Jeff and I were talking about maybe planting some of the potatoes that we have here.

I had to clear a bunch of weeds. Typically, people dig a trench they put the potatoes in. It is best to use seed potatoes since they are guaranteed disease-free. Then, you can, of course, keep some of your own to plant the next year.
You cut the potatoes into pieces making sure that each has an eye on it. Let the cut dry up a bit. In your cold area, I keep them under paper or burlap or something in the house and let them develop a long sprout.
Then plant in the trench. put some soil over the seedpotato. As the greens grow, add soil on top. The potatoes develop along the stem.
I grow them in big pots as well. Especially if I use store bought potatoes that started to sprout. It they had a disease, it is not going to spread in the yard...

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Okay. I am trying. But I am also busy in life and trying to figure out how prepared we need to be for the future. Planting my garden like crazy. Pretty much working outside all day and am dog tired when I get in...

Thank you so much for the delegation. Btw. a friend of mine is trying to get a hold of you on Telegram.

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