Music May Just Be What You Need

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing great and staying safe. For most you who have been following my post, i am mostly about healthcare posts but today i want to just share some thoughts on music and an inspiration and sensation that most people do not give much attention to


Well, I know majority of folks will agree with me that music is very important in the life of Man, some would even go to the extent of saying that music is life and someway i agree with them. But i believe music is more than just watching a youtube video and exclaiming about how wonderful it sounds and how great the video is. I believe music is a way that our physical is able to connect with our spirit our soul whichever you prefer to stick with. Have you noticed that great songs all have a great story behind it? And these life stories of the artist pushes them to be able to reach the depth of their soul and pull up their inner most feeling into the song and so when this happens we feel connected to them and then we enjoy the music most.


But why do people prefer specific genres although great music cut across and one can certainly find great piece in all genre that is worth admiring, listening to and soothing to the soul. I believe this is because we have different personalities, every soul has how it reacts to instances and while great music is still great music, it is still like how we perceive beauty, in simple terms, it lies in the eyes of the beholder or the listener.


Now lets look at some science,

before we are able to perceive sound, it must have gone through your ear canal, vibrating and moving through your tympanic membrane causing the ossicles to oscillate along side, hair cells respond accordingly and through the cochlear nerve to the brain (the temporal lobe). The nerve that transmit sound waves to the brain actually goes hand in hand with the nerve that transmit our sense of balance and some how these relations seem to affect us most when we are listening to pieces that we feel in tune with. Which is why you feel so relaxed when you are listening to your favorite sound or exhilirated. Am guessing we can somehow also relate this to the proximity of the amydala, a part of the brain that respond to emotions. When we here sometime emotional, it is the amydala which reacts most and cause us to feel what we feel, so one can say artist connect with us through our amydala and in by doing so we tend to feel sad, happy, fear, courage etc.


How you can make music work for you

If you a fun of anatomy or into health practice then there is about 90% chance you are a fun of Grey's Anatomy or The Good Doctor or one of these amazing series. Or better still let me use the famous Ben Carson, most people have heard of the fact that surgeons like to play music in the Operating Room, and am sure by now you are connecting the dots as to why they do this. Great music, depending on how you react to it can make you feel fearless, invincible and wonderful such that you believe everything is possible and sometimes we need to feel this way to get sometime done. If you are feeling downhearted you know what to do to make yourself better now right? Listen a song that excite your amydala and makes you happy.


Tips for Students

The amydala has a relationship with emotions such that things that happen when your amydala is excited is difficult to forget. It is the reason why you find it difficult forgetting about that guy who made you feel so good and it is the reason why learning your favorite subject comes so easy to you, why because you are excited about it and so it sticks easily. So make use of emotions or music in studying, excite your amydala when studying and you would realize how easy it sticks.

It is a beautiful world out there and science is supposed to use to the benefit of society, knowledge is essential but wisdom which is knowledge application is even more important. Strive to be the very best you can be and have a wonderful time.


I am your optometrist @nattybongo, and it was a pleasure serving you. Many thanks to all those who support and read my post, special thanks to @tj4real, @mcsamm, @pennsif, @nanzo-scoop, @neoxian, @tomiscurious, @nowonline and @armandosodano for their love.
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Music is really what everyone else needs. Just like me. It defines what we believe in. Thanks for this bro

You're welcome bro, thanks for reading and the love always, it is a pleasure

Excellent, I like to think that the amygdala is the center of neurological connections and that it is involved in the systems of emotional functions.

Exactly, so let's say this is more or less like a cheat book access, know how to tick it and you have control over your emotions

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