## I saw a pink tesla for the first time #pink #tesla #sandiego #cars ...

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I saw a pink tesla for the first time

#pink #tesla #sandiego #cars now thats one spoiled lucky bitch with that pink tesla! Is it #brittneyventi ??

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:) now that's a cute, but very practical and saving the planet (and NOT spending a fortune on gas) little car..

Teslas are worse for planet and nonone can afford 100k for a car ... they take way more resiurces and create way more pollution that just driving an existing car and just driving less lol

Yes, work on walk distance and change of lifestyle. Also, better sub and train transport.

The idea of not polluting the air by car exhaust is definitely attractive, especially for somebody who lives in the middle of a town, like me. But, it doesn't need to be an expensive electric car with a short lifespan battery pack. I took the time to observe this company properly, and the first reason is that Nikola Tesla is my idol ( if we forget that he was an ass and in the old days married a dove out of insanity lol), the second I truly wanted it to be the thing that will solve a problem of cheap and healthy transport. Third, the intelligent car looks very appealing on Twitter ( until it isn't).
Until it becomes something else, I would stay away from anything that has "smart" in its name that can drive us into a wall.
We people, so far, proved we can only do very stupid things with an occasional strike of genius, and I would be very cautious about how that genius applies.

I can relate to enthusiasm but I prefer to drive something that is NOT smarter than me.

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This gives me deeeeeep Vegeta "nice shirt" vibes~

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Hehehehe it's a weird pink. I guess if I had a car, I wouldn't want it to be pink. 😅😂