Seeds are Currency! (Everything BIG starts from a small seedling)

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If and when some MORE collapses and societal shifting happens, there is really hardly any excuse at this point for not at least having some backup plans. I remember empty shelves and price gauging and going, "This is not my America." We decided to get to work and I mean some seriously labor intensive work. The realistic goal was to get as many seeds as possible before a run was made on them. I went to Amazon and grabbed thousands of seeds and did a seed vault with many heirloom varietals in a refrigerator to keep them ready to plant for years. There were sell outs from most veggie/fruit companies very fast and many either had to wait months or get refunds with sellers either playing the consumer or being legit overwhelmed. You name it , we got it and as March moved to April all the beds and stakes and grow racks were in place and being used.

Yellow Golden Wax Beans have yielded 3 times that of the Green Beans we planted. The Brand is "VALLEY GREENE" on the yellow beans. Photography and Produce made by me @battleaxe

The beans and squash and zucchini have been a reallllly good ride. We have already gotten several lb.s off of each and it has been wonderful to get grounded with the Earth and not pay a fortune for clean, Organic non GMO food. It doesn't come fresher and as the news got worse I did even more seedlings and started exchanging them and getting all types of things including usage of machinery that would cost a fortune.

awwww, beginnings of squash blossoms

The InfoWars platform here is where I'm going to start posting more about topics like this because even if you have a few extra dollars, putting them into something you can eat can go a long way. Who is to say that Truckers or Farmers don't just throw their towel in and quit if civil unrest breaks out even more than it already has. I'll end this post by saying that there are tomes and tons of information for every level of gardener and homesteader out there to at least grow a few potatoes or tomatoes. Stay Safe and Be Healthy!






The last "near SHTF scenario" it was said that 22lr ammunition was a currency. This time, as far as ammo goes, they are saying it is 9mm LOL SEEDS are more important, as we will need some greens and such to go with the fried Squirrel or Venison, w/e

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fo sho....... "lead and potatoes" for a brighter future, of course not mixed :P

I couldn't agree more ... it's so important to learn how to grow your own food. Even if you don't have a large garden there are many possibilities, if you only make the effort tot do it. It can save you a lot of money ...

I like just making something and being like, oh this needs basil let me go outside lol, yeah for sure

I always like to walk outside and see something what's ready to pick, and then think of what to make with that ...

That's an awesome idea. I've been trying to grow green edible things where I can, but only really seem to have luck with mint, lettuce, and tomatoes. Ugh. It's a goal though!

ahhh yeah it's a freeing experience to eat what you grew , not have to go to a store for some fresh ingredients, good to see you wwwiebe

Gasp, that's a glaring weakness in my preps. Gotta stock up on those Non-GMOed seeds.

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thanks for the support and yeahhh they actually stay fertile for up to a decade or more if stored properly it's like my mini seed bank like the one the UN put in Antarctica which is mad creepy but interesting
Amazon CA has basically most of the same things, you can just buy seed vaults for like 50-75 bucks, good ones, they come in mylar bags some of them. Am stacking seeds lol

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