ChallengeEOS AMA On Uptrennd Africa Holds Next Week

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Happy Sunday fam,

This is wishing you all a blessed and positive week. I have some information to pass out to my followers which is that by next week, I will be one of the guest speakers in an AMA session for the ChallengeEOS platform community. The AMA session will take place over at the Uptrennd Africa Telegram group chat. Myself alongside the Founder of the Challenge App @anderson91 will be live to answer questions about the dapp. Time for the AMA will be shared to the General public.

ChallengeEOS is an EOSIO Blockchain based App which let's users send and receive challenges. The challenge receivers earn Crypto rewards if they are able to complete a challenge. Tokens supported by the App are CHL, VIG, EOS, SAND, KANDA, SENSE, DAPP, EBTC, PUML, EETH. Challenges on the app are either Task challenges or Geo Challenges. The CHL token is the native currency of the Challenge App and is available on Newdex, Bitsonic, Okex and CoinGecko exchanges. The platform have their headquarters located in San Diego, California.


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I have to get android app fixed it doesnt show any tokens in wallet its blank , its there on back end but we need better way to just interact using lol its easier that way let us login with an eos wallet linked to the challengeyou acciunt!!!! @ceskam @challengedac

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Beautiful tweet man im so gratefuk @eonwarped helped guide the twitter embed compatibility into all our nitrouses because it works so smoothly

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