Want $1M Volume a day? LEO adding to tip.cc is missing link between hive and ethereum(edited)

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Now that we have @neoxian ag and @telokanda and @sandiegocoin on @tipcc @discordtip we can bridge the gap. https://tip.cc discord is full of over 100,000 ethereum hungry users


lets actually bring 100,000 users to LEO? Theres millions in assets on this @tipcc bot


as you can see, Leo Finance will benefit from 164,275 users....thats 164 THOUSAND people we can reach out to with LEO
Many of these users are in love with hive engines low fees compared to eth and just need a big volume project like LEO to finally take us seriously

Help us get over one hundred and sixty THOUSAND people in https://tip.cc to notice and use LEO as a way to earn more tokens in their wallet, which needs LEO on coingecko which @coingecko can arrange if we ad @avrals alcor.exchange or LEO to newdex.io which requires the @someguy123 @privex gateway setup for LEO ....if that gateway had just 0.1% fees which fed into the defi pol or trading bot, things would work a lot smoother and we could have $1M daily volume in hive engine mostly al LEO

so tel khalaeelkazi youl help pay the $200 fe to ad LEO ..i know i will

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This looks cool!

It looks good, it would be another way to bring more users and interaction to the platform

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