Who Cares?

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Who Cares? Are you for real? I can't even believe that you are saying this!
She is almost screaming in his face.
Problem. Do you hear me? problem!!
And you are right now my biggest problem.
How can you not care?
I don't get it?
How in the world can you not care?
I am so upset, I could scream!!!
That is how mad I am that you don't care.
You say that you don't care that I care?
How F...ed up is that?
How, I am asking you, how, can you put one step in front of the other?
Easy, you say?
Easy. Just take a deep breath and go outside. Set one foot in front of the other - and there you are. Running without a care in the world.
Then, Now, you get serious. Caring too much is not going to help anyone or anything, you say.
Do you see how depressed people are because they care and can't do a thing? Or, they think that they can't do a thing.
So, here is what you do.
You go out, you run, you clear your head.
Then, you think of one action you can take.
Just one. Take one action.
What is it going to be?

It's been a while since I have participated in my own Freewrite initiative - such is life... Find the daily prompt on my profile 😀

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You care! About Freewriters 🙏 😁

I do!! A lot! ❤️

Nice to see you take part, I commend you for the initiative, and know that sometimes its hard to take part in your own .

Much like a Painter not having a painted house and a plumber with leaking taps :)

Nice #freewrite


Yes, you got that right :) But I am hoping to carve out the time and be a daily freewriter again. :)

Thanks for joining in on your own fun! Was this your action for today? Loved it!

hahaha - yes, one was to write a freewrite - and another to do a podcast - now, I have to edit it. But that is for tomorrow :)

Like your Free Write @mariannewest :)

Thank you so much 😄

I love it when you participate!!

Thank you. I like it too. I am trying to streamline my life to be able to do them more often again. One thing I am failing on right now is to go to bed by 10 lol to be able to wake up earlier...

I find it difficult to get to bed at a reasonable hour in the summer, when it's still light at 10:00!

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