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There is no competition We are all the same. Right? hahaha. So wrong. Everything seems to be a competition - at least in the Us. And there is always the self-praise and saying - look at me. I am the best!!
Having grown up in a culture where that kind of behavior is considered rude and not worthy - whatever that means. Not worthy of what? Doing? Being acknowledged? Or being a worthy person?
I would think that most kids drink it in - I am not worthy, I am not worthy!
You have to imagine this as a scene in Wayne's world and put the right intonation into it.
So, in my country, kids were indoctrinated with the knowledge that you are not worthy. As my Chinese friend put it - we are told we are shit - until we have proven otherwise.
In the Us - at least from what I can see - people think that they are otherwise - until maybe proven shit? But mostly not. Just worthy.
And I do think that everyone is worthy and have raised my kids with a lot of love. Everyone is worthy of love.
But then, we have to bring on the skills - at least somewhen down the line and start caring for each other.
Again, many cultures have the idea that community matters and sometimes, we have to step back and do for community even though we don't want to
And that can backfire on those that are the doers when they find that they are surrounded by worthies - who don't know that we need to do to be worthy.
And what I really meant to say is that nature is not, as so many believe, survival of the fittest, but an intrinsic network of great cooperation to help each other - or someone from the species - to survive and thrive.

Well, that turned into a nice little rant 🤪

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Its all a matter of early orientation. Folks back here idolize the US because of the orientation they watch in movies and feedbacks from supposedly priviledged ones who had traveled to its shores. Your kids would do alright.

So this is my piece for the 5minutes freewriters contest.

yes, there is beauty here and there is beauty everywhere. And of course, there are many wonderful people. And then, there are the others as well...

I think then it spread to this end. I am not sure how any of us achieved anything because I and my siblings had the same experience after our mum passed. Her relatives gave us hell and treated us even worse. I smile when I see them swallowing their shame every time we link up. We defied their definitions and embraced our worthiness while fight for our respect back 🤷‍♀️🙂

I am glad that you fought for your respect back. Just from reading the freewrites and blog posts of many of the Africans on the diverse platforms - there seems to be a lot of violence against children and women going on. I hope that it will change!

Yes there is. And like you, I am hopeful of better days ahead. Trying to play a role in helping the next generation unlearn it through my own children and those that I constantly have in my life.

That is all we can do. Try to be the difference where we can...

Glad to see your daily Freewrites again 🙏

I am trying. Let's see how long I can keep it up. I am not getting to a lot of the other things I want to do...

So true. Eventually we grow past all of that

past the competition? I sure hope so.

Lol. Yeah