Lost cat! 5 minute Freewrite

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Dear friends

This is my entry for the Wednesday´s 5 minute freewrite challenge of @mariannewest. If you want to participate here you have the rules at the following link.

Prompt: Lost cat

Image source pixabay.com

Lost cat

Feeling like a lost cat will be a bit difficult, like what happens to the one that the owner takes to another city and releases it in the middle of a park. His animal instinct will lead him to assess the new territory in which he will have to fight with other congeners for food and water. For him, he will leave the tranquility of the home provided by his teacher and now he must face reality.

This is how many of us feel these days in the face of the continuous changes in the economy that force us to move to other places in search of new opportunities, leaving behind the comfort that our home and our old job offered us, to have now face the harsh reality for which we may not be prepared.

It is said that soon money will lose all its value and that the one who has not accumulated enough tokens in his life will become like the lost cat, having to start again and leave behind the comfort of the past.

© 2020, Felix Garcia P. All rights reserved

Image source pixabay.com

Thanks so much for reading.

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I am accumulating tokens as fast as I can but I hope your scenario doesn't come true. Meow!

Thanks for reading my story, certainly the scenario that is being presented to us now is interesting, for example here in Venezuela and the Caribbean Sea, we were enveloped in a cloud of dust from the Sahara desert, honestly it is the first time I know of that phenomenon through these lands. Good that you are saving many tokens. Receive my affections @rcaine.

I can imagine it's a challenge to be dropped off as a cat.

I own a rescue I found when someone left him in the woods out in the country as a little kitten.

Keeps saving those tokens.

Thank you for reading my story and associating it with your personal story, I´m very pleased with it. Receive my affections @wandrnose7.

My pleasure 😊

I like that you associated the feeling of being lst into the realm of human emotion due to the COVID

Nice #freewrite


@improbableliason Of course these issues now lead us to know that we have to know what a small creature can feel when it is helpless and what it must do to overcome its fears.

we truly are facing a harsh reality all over. I do hope that things will get better for all of us!