Daily Highlighted Authors - January 10th, 2021

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   Every day we will select and publish the best author and his work, selected among the different authors manually curated daily by The Talent Club.

   With each of these authors selected daily, we will do a monthly raffle among the thirty best authors of the month, giving the lucky person an extra 10 HIVE prize.

   Our purpose is none other than to continue highlighting and remunerating talent on the platform, regardless of whether you belong to the club or not.

Daily featured author

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   Today's author presents us with a publication in which he shows how he prepares food to leave more free time for his wife Maira, who had a lot of accumulated work. The first thing that catches your eye is the grill, which is handmade by the author.

   They roasted well-seasoned sardines with yucca and a sauce with avocado and other seasonings. The most pleasant thing of all is that his wife Maira was totally surprised by all this.

Monthly featured authors list

1st - Miguelmederico, 2nd - Cmplxty, 3rd - none, 4th - Gigi8, 5th - Rosana6, 6th - Abis28

7th - none, 8th - Shirahosi, 9th - Cetb2008, 10th - Mogollono1862, 11th - , 12th -

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