Daily Highlighted Authors - February 17th, 2021

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   Every day we will select and publish the best author and his work, selected among the different authors manually curated daily by The Talent Club.

   With each of these authors selected daily, we will do a monthly raffle among the thirty best authors of the month, giving the lucky person an extra 10 HIVE prize.

   Our purpose is none other than to continue highlighting and remunerating talent on the platform, regardless of whether you belong to the club or not.

Daily featured author

   Congratulations for your work. You've been already upvoted by the club and you have now a ticket for the monthly raffle:

Our opinion about your article

   Many times we are in a hurry and we do things quickly and carelessly, which leads to making mistakes. This is precisely what happened to our featured author today, who wanted to make a transaction with some HIVE that he had in his wallet and transfer them to Binance; however, he forgot the memo he was supposed to write, so the transaction never came through. Fortunately, this has a solution and after several processes, he sent the information required for the return of his HIVE.

   This experience that the author shares with us should serve us all so that we're always careful with transfers and platform keys so that we have nothing to regret.

Monthly featured authors list

1st - Miguelmederico, 2nd - Cmplxty, 3rd - none, 4th - Gigi8, 5th - Rosana6, 6th - Abis28

7th - none, 8th - Shirahosi, 9th - Cetb2008, 10th - Mogollono1862, 11th - Constgaladriel, 12th - Alanpau107

13th - Ggerartd08, 14th - none, 15th - Edgarafernandezp, 16th - Aurodivys, 17th - Edmanuelwild, 18th -

19th - , 20th - , 21st - , 22nd - , 23rd - , 24th -

25th - , 26th - , 27th - , 28th - , 29th - , 30th -

31st -

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