I'll Just Use My Neighbors Ferrari Robo Taxi

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Who needs ownership in a clout sharing economy

How much $SAND for the rari?

How about tesla buys Ferrari snd Lamborghini with a few billion dollars shaved off the tip of their marketcap? Oh wait just pay lambo and Ferrari 10 billion in tesla stock each and they run the power energy dex and transport grid dividends of the future

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What if you could send altcoins to a luxury car or house dealership...they hold it in YOUR account with their company.... untill its worth enough to buy your house or car .... @telosnetwork t bonds backed by ptokens .. even hive engine tokens

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What if...

This picture is begging to be photoshopped.

yup thats the point

but aint nobody here on hive yet so whatever nobody gonna see this shit lol

give it a year

but hey if hive and crypto in general arent gonna try marketing why should i care, ill just go around doin this till i see hive clean up THEIR image lol

i wanna see a documentary about steem and hive

If Hive takes off you would be the perfect person to take selfies all over the world.Where in the world is Ackza San Diego.


lol yeah well thats probably the owner lol

dude check out my https://ip2.network live stream in pacific beach and theres a downtown one

get ur back cracked

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