Vig pays me enough EOS everyday to buy 4000+ SAND or the ENTIRE Sand Reward Pool. Just Bought 1000 SAND off Newdex with EOS + Paid 0.5 EOS worth of VIG on, used THAT to buy back sand EVERYDAY

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year

I just used some CHL earned from @challengedac to sell for EOS to buy back 1000 SAND

I plan on decreasing SAND reward pool down to 1 Million, allowing me to sell 4 million more sand on EOS, still pegged to hive sand, but we should consider the reward pool being small as a benefit as it worked with @telokanda

Im also able to earn SO much from Voice UBI that buying back SAND over EOS will be a piece of cake, and it may create a bull run in San Diego between myself and other local San Diegans

So Just from VIG payments alone I can buy back all the SAND of the reward pool. Imagine when @sandiegocoin runs for VIG custodian and allows all of SAND users to get the VIg they sell for EOS, to support the EOS in the SAND Alcor Liquidity Pool . We could do an amazing system for promoted Proposals on SAND and use Telos WPS< and use Wombat for free accounts and MCO cards for the EOS debit or SAND debit card (We may get CHL on those) We could have be the UBI system and SAND be the local governance and social tool liek a Public Access network, where Voice is the private newspaper for every individual. SAND will use the existing and emerging EOSIo ecosystem tools and become THE SMARTEST city in the Nation (Until another city copies my work and actually puts some money into it like Lafayette Louisiana )

At Just $1000 marketcap, Ownership in SAND is a Steal for any locals. Earning SAND is always an option for content creators but those who wish to stay in the background behind the scenes as a large scale OWNER can soon vote in the dac. I have decided to make our reward pool as small as possible in SAND so the price of SAND can go up higher and thus the Value of the reward pool can be much greater.

I will need to ask @eronwarped to do a Scotbot settings change like we used to do on steem-engine and I will ask @gerber for a new inflation chart to show how many tokens a day we could still give out, if we simply stretch out 1 million over 100 years, I believe thats just 10,000 a year, or just 833 a month, or 27 a day and I like that. I imagine this like Bitcoin and SAND governing a loical ALCOR dex JUST like NEWDEX and COINBASE but for LOCALS