🪂🟣💎💲☀️V⭕️V☀️💲💎🟣🪂We Just Set Up an Unofficial Voice Telegram EOSIO Developers Club @voiceos⭕️Voice: the Wallet is YOU⭕️🪂🟣💎💲☀️V⭕️V☀️💲💎🟣🪂

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Voice UnOfficial EOSIO Developers telegram where everyone gets EOS to promote Voice.com and EOSIO, and Proposals are helped on their journey to manifestation in a telos powered WPS worker proposal system, & no one laughs at EOSIO related ideas, only upvotes or voices them. Because it is time we show the world how EOSIO is the chain where you can actually get things connected, and isnt part of the ethereum mafia. We can still be part of ethereum but we will simply treat ethereum the way it needs to be treated, as a funding vehicle, and we will ensure our KANDA Ethereum tokens do have a gateway to allow people to STAKE that KANDA ETh as Hive KANDAPOWER, or to swap to Telos or EOS kanda to sell on newdexor alcor.

The UnOfficial ⭕️Voice.com
Global EOSIO Developers Club .
⭕️Voice: the Wallet is YOU⭕️


Come to the Telegram here https://t.me/voiceos

Or http://voice.eosio.club

https://app.voice.com will have Open Global Invites on Aug 15 2020

I also set up THE FIRST Voice Discord! https://voice.ackza.org